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August 15, 2011

Today was our first day of school.  I began my 8th year of teaching; Parker started her high school career as a 9th grader; and Molly entered middle school as a 6th grader.  Two years ago today would have seen Lilah starting Kindergarten, but our state changed the cutoff date from September 1 to August 1, so she has another year at Becca's.  It took me a little while to get over that one because she's clearly ready for school.  At least now she won't spend her first days on a college campus at the age of 17! 

All in all, a good day was had by all.  (Three alls in one sentence -- not that I was trying for that.)  The air conditioning in my room was out today, so that made us pretty uncomfortable.  And, I had the first student medical emergency of my teaching career this afternoon.  I guess the good thing about already being drenched in sweat was it didn't matter that I had afternoon bus duty.  I was quite damp before I ever set foot in the sun.  Tomorrow will hopefully be much cooler (thus drier) and more interesting as we move forward from covering procedures and classroom "stuff."

The listing continues and, though I've had my pity party (see "A Good Cry"), I'm still having to make an effort to focus on blessings today.  I am reminded of Beth Moore's Esther study that I did a couple of years  ago.  She taught about chiastic construction in sentence formation -- look it up.  (This English teacher had never come across it before and I'm sure I'm not qualified to teach it now.)  Anyway, she shared with us that she had always been one to imagine the worst that could happen -- losing her children, losing her husband -- just like most of us do from time to time.  She said she finally found peace from those anxious thoughts by remember "If _______ (fill in the blank with an awful situation), then God."  I go back to that over and over.  No matter how this plays out in the near future, "If ________ (any assortment of disasters), then God."  God has this.  I have to believe that.  And, I do.

250.  The first day of school -- a new beginning every August!

251.  Being present every day of PJB's time at AHS

252.  Kolby : )  (and her family!)

253.  A clean classroom waiting for new students

254.  School resource officers who just happen to be turning the corner into my hallway.  I could not have coped very well that medical situation all on my own.  God's sweet timing!

255.  Opening day assemblies at AHS

256.  First day behavior -- everyone is just so, so good

257.  Hearing positive reports from my big girls about their good day today

258.  Watching Lilah give and receive a dozen hugs on her first day back at Becca's

259.  Lunch!  And a chance to take off my shoes.  Why do heels seem like such a good idea at 7:00 a.m.???

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