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August 22, 2011

Sometimes I wish I blogged anonymously.  I would say that I'm a pretty transparent person, but every now and then there are some things I'd like to process through my writing -- just not necessarily with everyone knowing they came from me.  I have to consider that other people in my life might not want their lives broadcast across the Internet and I also have to decide how much of "me" I'm willing to share.  My pastor repeated something yesterday at church that had been shared by the speaker at our Saturday night youth RIOT.  He said that it's not difficult for us to believe God LOVES us.  The problem comes in believing he LIKES us.  This just hit me right between the eyes.  That's exactly how I feel most of the time.  This ties into the blog here because I wonder this same thing about people and even family.  I don't doubt for a second the love that the people near and dear to me have for me.  I do sometimes wonder if they like me.  Just FYI -- I can be a little much.  You might not have noticed.  Anyway, my "much" (on many different levels and in many different ways) isn't always likeable.  At least I recognize this, right?

So, that complex thinking, along with lots of other things, is competing for space in my already overwhelmed brain.  Thankfully, school started to distract me from myself.  Every Battles was exhausted by the time the weekend rolled around.  The big girls seem to be settling in to their new schools and their classes.  Lilah is glad to be back at Becca's three days a week and home with Daddy two.  I am grateful for such a smooth start to the school year. 

It looks like I'll have a couple more weeks before the transplant than expected.  The center called last week and they've had to push surgery back to the 26th of September.  I'm trusting God on this one because I am (and I know Dad is) a little frustrated with the postponement.  I guess this means I'll receuperate in nicer, hopefully fall-like, weather.

Continuing my gifts...

260.  Unexpected and undeserved blessings and the possibility of a seed planted

261.  Southside Baptist Church

262.  Blanket forts built by Daddy and Daughter -- complete with clock radio

263.  Scruffy -- our school's mascot

264.  The annual Green & Gold game -- a celebration of football and spirit groups and the awesome students at AHS

265.  Hearing my big girl's friend say to PJB, "I haven't worshipped like that in a long time," as I picked them up from church Saturday night

266.  PJB's and Molly's desire to be in church on a Saturday night

267.  Mornings before school and afternoons after school with my girls and a few of their friends gathered in my room

268.  A favorite former student stopping by to fill me in on her life and get a little feedback -- in front of PJB -- to whom this is a foreign concept -- I do not think it coincidental that Park started opening up a bit more to me about daily life after that. 

269.  Frozen pizzas and coupons from a dear friend : )

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  1. Hoping your husband's job search is going well :)


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