270 -- 279

September 05, 2011

I'm sitting at the kitchen table, stuffed full of steak and mushroom gravy, fresh fried okra, and Dr. Thunder.  Overindulge much?  This has been an absolutely beautiful day!  The high was around 85 and a light breeze has blowing pretty much nonstop.  Fall?  I feel it!

270.  Cool, breezy days

271.  Sitting outside on my parents' deck, visiting and enjoying the afternoon

272.  Fresh veggies from a friend's garden

273.  Watching my big girl cheer on her team

274.  Laughing until tears roll down my face

275.  Provision and a prayer answered -- a possibility that never even occurred to me

276.  Being patient and waiting for God to show up -- and rejoicing when He does

277.  The silliest, wittiest, smartest 5 year old ever

278.  Re-reading One Thousand Gifts and finding more there than I remembered

279.  A well-timed power nap

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