Happy Birthday, Lilah Grace!

August 30, 2011

My baby girl turned 5 today!  She has been excited about this birthday for quite some time.  This morning she bounded out of bed and told me she was "bigger."  She found a pretty dress and we put a few curls in her hair (which promptly fell out) before heading to Becca's.  We're blessed to have a great babysitter who celebrates with Lilah.  They had cupcakes for snack complete with candles and signing.  She'd had a super day before she even came home!

The family suffered through spaghetti in honor of our new 5 year old.  No one else really cares for it, but Lilah loves it.  The phone calls came in for the birthday girl and she opened the cards I've been hiding from her on top of the fridge.  Our friends Bobbie and Kolby joined us for yummy cake and a quick visit because Lilah was ready to go to WalMart and spend some money.  This year I let her just go to the toy aisle and have at it.  She made quite a haul, but it's kind of funny that my bargain hunting skills are rubbing off on her.  Even at 5 the girl can stretch a dollar!  We'll have our family party later with Mimi whose birthday was the 11th.  I'll get it together and plan a friend party sometime in September.  In case you were wondering, I am out of the running for Mom of the Year. 

I spent some time this evening searching for her other birthday pics.  Humor me...



#2 -- Blurry.  She actually ended with fever and vomiting that afternoon : (  I'll always remember that one!

#1 -- Love and miss this little face...

Lilah Grace is such a  joy to our family.  I cannot imagine life without her -- or any of my girls.  She's the child who can have you in stitches laughing one minute and have you (or herself) in stiches in an ER (or at least in need of a Band Aid) the next.  She has a charisma and a personality that just draws people to her.  She has earned the name of "Dancer" from one set of friends and "Tiny Dancer" from the set of parents we sit by at the games Parker cheers.  Jamie says, "The music is in her!"  And, it is.  She is computer savvy and phone savvy and camera savvy.  She has discovered that she loves to have chapter books read to her and we're on our second book in the Little House series, reading from the boxed set I was given for Christmas as a child.  I cannot wait to see what God has planned for our dynamic little girl! 

At the same time, turning 5 saddens me just a little.  Lilah's the last baby.  All these "firsts" with her are sort of like my "lasts."  I mentioned the Little House books just a second ago.  I've read through them with both of my big girls, so this is the last read-aloud of those I'm likely to have.  The next little girl I read them with may be a granddaughter (YEARS from now, but you get my point).  Lilah still sneaks into our bed at night, and I just let her stay.  She's a good cuddle-kid!  She doesn't know it, but her daddy and I just love to kiss her sweet face and push her hair back out of her face in order to watch her while she sleeps.  These moments won't last forever and I think with this third and final child, I appreciate them more. 

Happy Birthday, Lilah! 

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