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November 01, 2011

Would you like to see the cutest cowgirl ever?  Good.

It's blurry because I still haven't replaced my camera.  I really need to make that a priority.  Lilah was so excited about Halloween this year.  Jamie and I don't remember our big girls ever being as hyped up about it as Lilah has been.  Our babysitter does Halloween up big.  Her decorations are intense and the kids party it up that day.  They dance to Halloween music and trick-or-treat each other.  I'm glad Becca has the energy she does! 

This year Lilah was our only participant.  Parker and Molly don't dress up anymore, so it was just the baby and us.  We don't live in a neighborhood and we don't get trick-or-treaters.  Our house is a pretty boring place to be on Halloween night.  We usually trick-or-treat with a friend, but this year found the three of us spending the evening together.  We don't invest a lot of time in this -- I think we finished in about 45 minutes.  To say Lilah enjoyed herself is an understatement.  She had a blast!  We literally had to run to keep up with her a couple of times.  Her hat would fall of and Jamie would carry it until we reached the front porch.  She loved seeing the other kids' costumes almost as much as she loved being fussed over herself.  A good time was had by all, but I'm glad to see Halloween 2011 in the books.  I'm ready to move on to Thanksgiving!  Let me just continue giving thanks...

336.  Lilah's enthusiasm for just about everything

337.  PJB's completed Pinterest project -- Tshirt headband from an old T

338.  Friends who "get" me and like me anyway

339.  A sweet text from my sister after she read my last post

340.  Jamie's new/used dirt bike (I think I'm thankful...he needed a toy)

341.  Molly experimenting with her hair and wearing it a new way (big thing this is)

342.  The thief who only took cash and left the plastic alone

343.  Our sovereign God

344.  Participating in the Christmas choir at church

345.  Good sleeping weather!  Window cracked -- extra quilt on the bed

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