346 -- 369

November 08, 2011

My heart is beyond thankful and grateful today.  God is good with his gifts.

346.  God's sovereignty over every event, every accident, every movement in our lives.  Nothing surprises Him.

347.  "Neighbors" we've never met who were in the right place at the right time (see #346), the wife a nurse

348.  First responders, paramedics, EMTs, ambulances, helicopters

349.  My dear friend and almost-neighbor coming down the hill at exactly the right time (again, #346) with her visiting daughter

350.  Peace in the midst of the biggest crisis/emergency I've ever faced and absolute comfort in knowing that even if this didn't turn out OK, it was still OK

351.  My dear friend's willingness and insistence that she ditch Senior night and the game against our #1 rival (her man is our coach) to drive me to Little Rock and stay until we saw improvement the next afternoon

352.  My brother and sister in law and the perfect timing (again #346) in being able to meet us and take my man to get ER treatment before he could come on to Little Rock

353.  Arkansas Children's Hospital -- I've known this since Molly was in the NICU for 17 days after her birth -- the most amazing TEAM of doctors (attending, fellows, and residents), skilled nurses, respiratory therapists, clerical staff and custodial staff you'll find anywhere.

354.  No condemnation -- from anyone (well, maybe one person until he calmed down) who has spoken to us or contacted us.  I'm sure there are those who have had plenty of judgment to pass, but thankfully God has protected us from hearing.  We've beaten ourselves up plenty; thankfully, all is covered under grace.

355.  The CT report -- no brain injury (significant swelling, bleeding or skull fracture), only a concussion

357.  Removing the ventilator -- she was MAD!  "I don't like this" -- a very good sign

358.  Moments of lucidity, glimpses of my sweet Lilah inside that hurt little body

359.  Potty time (more on this later)

360.  A hug and a squeeze

361.  Sleeping with my girl amid tubes and cords

362.  Spoken words, "I'm thirsty."

363.  Pediatric nurses who stepped outside their realm of duties to treat the patient's dad

364.  A little smile and an open left eye

365.  Reaching for "Momma" and wanting me close

366.  Coming home

367.  Full refrigerator, new tires, full tank of gas, and brakes serviced

368.  Every text, comment, phone call, and message received.  We are loved more than we deserve by amazing people.

369.  Parents and Gram who took care of my big girls so I could focus on Lilah Grace

I'll have more to write about this later, but for today, know that God is good. 

Monday morning after Friday afternoon's accident -- no tubes!
Almost ready to come home.


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  1. Oh my. I don't know what happened, but thankful for you and yours that your beautiful little one is okay.

  2. I wondered if she has said, "THIRSTY!," per our conversation last week :). I didn't call or text because I knew you were flooded. But know that I was praying for you and even hunted Parker down at the ballgame so that I could find out how to specifically pray for your family. And got up early Saturday in search of some answers. You were on my mind and in my heart.


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