380 -- 400

December 05, 2011

380.  Sock bun girls on Sunday morning

381.  Clarinet practice

382.  Our First Christmas -- 1993

383.  Favorite angel

384.  First ornament for our family of 5

385.  Handcrafted Razorbacks

386.  Handprint snowmen

387.  Gingerbread men from childhood in my grown-up kitchen (handpainted by my mom)

388.  The star

389.  A warm welcome

390.  A pre-Christmas gift from my sister for my gingerbread kitchen

391.  Old Christmas movies on Netflix I'd long forgotten -- Emmett Otter's Jug-Band Christmas and The Christmas Toy

392.  PJB's voice -- I think she should just sing anything she wishes to say to me

393.  Former student and his Ivy League dream turning into an Ivy League acceptance

394.  Writing letters of recommendation -- I still feel honored to be asked

395.  Being cigarette-free!  After probably 20 years of smoking, my man has quit.  Cold.  Turkey.

396.  No bake cookies

397.  A sale that is just not to be passed up

398.  Packages left on the doorstep

399.  "Santa is watching" --  the comment that will straighten any 5-year-old right up

400.  Charlie  Brown Christmas -- how refreshing to watch an animated program on network TV that shares the true meaning of this season.  I'm blown away every year when Chuck recites scripture and tells the Christmas story. 

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  1. Ooh, your girl's sock bun hair turned out so well! I'll have to try it when my girl's hair gets a little longer. And congrats to your husband--that IS an achievement.

  2. Hi, I am visiting from Ann's blog and I am glad I did! Congratulations to your hubby for quitting! I love the ornament of your family and the gingerbread ppl your mom made for you when you were a child - simply precious!!
    Thanks for sharing your list and keep counting :)


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