Making a List...

December 09, 2011

But, I'm not quite to checking it twice.  This week has found me literally close to just falling apart.  It's been a stressful nine months and I've tried to work through it all with minimal melting down.  Everything caught up with me this week and I truly felt like I was under some sort of attack -- anxiety, spiritual, post-traumatic stress -- whatever you want to call it.  I feel better now, but that sense of panic is still lingering. 

While I was in Chicago, Jamie probably asked me 15 times when I was coming home.  He knew; I think he just wanted reassurance that I was, in fact, coming home!  Last night after a full day at school, rushing home to fix dinner, running back out to 9th grade BB games, then a quick run to the grocery store, and finally home to start Lilah's bath and the evening routine (at nearly 9:00 -- too late for me) as well as a load of laundry, he asked if I'd like to go back to Chicago where I had some peace and quiet with only myself to worry about.  Tempting...

So, this morning, I'm awaiting the arrival of my 2nd period students (my first of the day) and organizing myself a little bit.  Here's my list for the next three days:

1.  Write PreAP's semester exam.  I had this almost complete yesterday before I closed the wrong file, thinking it was one I didn't want to save any changes to, and, well, the test is gone.  I will try again this morning!

2.  Grade independent book projects and other miscellaneous assignments

3.  Check PJB's grades and determine which semester exams I'm going to have her take despite the fact that she will be exempt thanks to perfect attendance.  A couple of her grades are borderline and that test might push them up across the border.

4.  Make a grocery list -- a thorough one -- that will take us through the week.

5.  Pay a couple of bills

6.  Go to the post office

7.  Go to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies for the bookmarks the big girls are making to give as Christmas gifts to their friends.

8.  Get clothes ready for the girls photo shoot tomorrow

9.  Go to photo shoot

10.  Clean -- this weekend I'm doing bathrooms and kitchen as far as serious scrubbing goes.  Everything else can wait until Christmas break.

11.  Church  -- yay!

12.  Nap

13.  Church and choir practice

14.  Try to get away to pick up two gifts

15.  Rest

This is pretty typical.  It's also pretty typical that something will not be finished.  I feel better now -- seeing the tasks listed before me gives me a sense of order during what seems like a time of potential chaos! 

Happy Friday!

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