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January 01, 2012

So far, so good in 2012.  Jamie and I had a really good time at the game last night (thank you Grandma Birney for the Christmas money) and a nice, quiet morning.  We've decided this NYE game should become a tradition and, next year, we'll probably include the girls since we felt a tinge of guilt at their missing out on big fun in Bricktown.  A couple of really cool things happened:  1.  Mark King of Hinder played an awesome acoustic arrangement of the national anthem and 2. We got to witness a proposal on the big screen.  I almost cried.  She said, "yes."  I wish these total strangers all the best.

We rolled in around 1:30 this morning.  I am too old for that.  Tonight, two people at church asked me if I was OK and had I been sick.  Just tired and old, folks! 

Gram's surgery went well and she's recovering tonight.   I was able to visit her this afternoon.  We got a bit of bad news, though.  Gram has only one kidney (I wonder if we exceed some sort of statistic for people with single kidneys in a family) due to a malignancy on one about 13 years ago.  She drinks water like nobody's business and won't touch any type of pain reliever other than Tylenol to save her life.  She's been very serious about protecting that remaining kidney and has lab work done every 4 months.  Well, it turns out this kidney is functioning at about 19%.  We aren't sure how this happened or what exactly this is going to mean.  She is almost 82 and has been blessed with good health.  I'm praying that continues.  My sister posted this photo of Gram and Lilah on Christmas -- this is a new favorite : )

I regularly read My Utmost for His Highest before bedtime.  Mr. Chambers always has some good insight, but the past couple of days' readings have just floored me.  I'm sure I've read them before as I've had this routine for probably six years now, but this time around the words just jumped of the page.  Got a minute?  December 29 says this: 

Don't look at someone else and say, "Well, if he can have those views
and prosper, why can't I?"  You have to "walk in the light" of the vision
that has been given to you.  Don't compare yourself with others or judge
them -- that is between God and them.

I have actually had that question running through my mind quite a bit this past year; however, the last part is what really spoke to me.  ...And this from December 30:

The sign that God is at work in us is that He is destroying our confidence in the
natural virtues, because they are not promises of what we are going to be...

He's definitely shown me that having too much confidence in myself will do me no good at all.  My confidence must be in Him.  ...And this to end the year on:

Leave the broken, irreversible past in His hands, and step out
into the invincible future with Him.

I read this before I closed my eyes last night (this morning) and thought to myself, "What an awesome thought to wrap up 2011 with!"  That brings me to my word for 2012 -- serve.  I came across the idea of naming our years last year and I like it.  I'm asking God to show me what it looks like to be a servant, to serve others.  That sounds like something simple, like I should just know how to do that, but I don't.  Not really.  I know how to take care of people and stuff and situations, but I am not good at serving in love . 

Do you have a word for 2012?  I'd love for you to comment and share it if you do.  

Now, to bed.  Returning a normal schedule is going to be painful this week, but I somewhat welcome it.  Routine is not altogether bad, most of the time ; )

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