No Guarantees

January 06, 2012

I had to just pause for a quick moment to get this down while it's on my heart -- to document this feeling so I don't forget it too quickly.  I looked around my house this morning and was overwhelmed at the piles of laundry, the cluttered kitchen, the messy hall bathroom, the living room that looks too lived in. 

I came to school where I felt the pressure of catching up my gradebook now that we have the go-ahead to enter grades for the new semester, the pressure of a recommendation I've put off completing, the pressure of having everything ready for Monday.

I got a text from my daughter right after lunch when she had gotten into cheer.  It read:

"Pray for ----.  He's a friend of mine from
Coleman, my grade. He was driving to school
this morning with his mom in the passenger
seat and they got into a wreck. Broke both
of his legs and killed his mom."

The only pressure I feel right now is a tightening in my chest for a family I don't know.  No words.  Just this overwhelming desire to hug my children and my husband and never let them go.  Never.  

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  1. This is so hard. I can't imagine what that family is enduring this morning. I definitely makes you want to hold your own a little tighter.


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