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March 15, 2012

It seems winter has come and gone and those of us in western Arkansas are in full-fledged spring mode.  Wonderful!  I snapped this picture yesterday afternoon as I was enjoying a moment of downtime on the front deck.  Oh, deck downtime, how I have missed you! 

The picture doesn't necessarily evidence this, but there are green leaves budding on every branch.  Lots of green things are popping up in our yard (mainly weeds, but whatever).  The daffodils I sort of stole from the vacant lot next to us a couple of years ago are finally going to flower this year.  I thought maybe they were tainted as they might be considered "hot," but it looks like the curse has been lifted.  The end of March is generally when I begin to plant new things, but because it's been so warm lately and I don't see any danger of a freeze in our future, I may start putting some things out next week during spring break.  Last year I fell absolutely in love with a hardy, hardy, heat tolerating plant called angelonia.  It filled up lots of empty space without a big expense and it LIVED all summer.  Even when my boxwoods were dying in the 100+ degree days, the purple angelonia continued to be pretty. 

I've been thinking a lot about heaven the past few weeks.  I wonder what Gram is doing.  There are moments when I think, "I should call Gram..." but I realize that's not possible.  I miss her a bunch. 

Life around our house has gone on.  We've not been terribly busy lately and that is so nice.  Parker submitted her class selections for her sophomore year a couple of weeks ago.  That. Is. Not. Possible.  I get short of breath just thinking about it.  This time next year we'll be getting her ready to drive on her own.  She has a boyfriend now and he's just a great choice.  Parker auditioned for our selective choirs at AHS in February and made honor choir.  Her goal and, in her words, obsession is making chamber choir at some point.  She's gearing up for Souled Out again this summer.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with PJB.  She's growing up and that's obvious in little things like putting up something she didn't get out and wiping down the kitchen counters before I've had a chance to get to them.  Yay!

Molly continues to be sweet Molly.  We have scheduled the MACE procedure for this July and I pray that just provides her with some security about her bowels that will lead to increased self confidence and the opening of new doors.  She's getting ready to choose classes for her 7th grade year and this is the year in which PE vs. athletics becomes an issue.  I remember stressing about this when I was her age.  For non-competitive folks like us, the choice is tough.  Do you take athletics even though you have no hope of ever playing on a team to stay in a group with your friends, or do you take PE with all the other kids who aren't good at sports?    Molly needs to find her niche -- even she recognizes that because just yesterday she told me she wants to "do" something.  That breaks my heart.  It's not easy to "do" something when you have to deal with some of things she does that don't really foster athletic ability.  Fortunately, middle school doesn't last forever and the next few years will bring all kinds of opportunities and things to "do."

I can't say enough about Lilah.  My mom fairness detector comes out and tells me that the big girls got a paragraph today, so Lilah only gets a paragraph.  She is funny, funny, funny.  She is excited, excited, excited about kindergarten.  She is ready, ready, ready to start ballet.  She has also taken to wanting to dress herself lately which explains the pink polo, the ruffled denim skirt, and the black satin flats she is wearing today.  Last week our baby sitter's granddaughter came in with some sparkly elastic headbands she's selling for her softball team.  Lilah wanted one in the worst way -- right then.  Well, I don't just buy my girls things because they want them.  I am so mean!  I did tell her she could do some chores for me over the weekend and earn the $6 herself.  She worked (a little), but Dad came through at the last minute with an extra dollar bill in his pocket, so Lilah took her piggy bank to Becca's on Tuesday to make her purchase.  Becca said she was so cute.  She pulled her piggy bank out of her backpack and said, "OK.  I think I've got it all today."  She chose a silver zebra headband that "will go with everything."  Parker and Molly alternate between loving Lilah to death and thinking she's going to be the prettiest, smartest, best of the three of them and calling her a brat.  Sisterly love is a beautiful thing! 

I hope the Ides of March are good to you.  Ironically, my pre-AP students are taking their final test over Julius Caesar today.  A few have asked me if the test was purposely scheduled to fall on March 15th.  Nope.  I just hope they studied!

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