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June 16, 2012

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted on my good ole blog.  Summer has turned out to be busier than I'd thought it would be!  We were back in school for professional development two days the week after school ended and then, low and behold, I started grad school after all the following week.  I'd determined I'd just wait until fall.  I had to get a second MMR immunization which was a big reason things were being held up.  Our county health department wasn't in any hurry to give me an appointment, and my PCP's office doesn't immunize adults.  I was perfectly OK with waiting, but Monday morning my advisor called and told me I still had time to register as the two classes I needed Summer 1 wouldn't meet until Tuesday.  I saw an open door and I jumped right through it.  The work load has been a bit, OK, a lot, more than I anticipated!  It's all good, though.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  I'll gladly do more work on my own at home in order to only meet one day (all day!) each week.

In other news, we've got a new dog.  His name is Shiloh and he's half lab, half pointer.  Jamie has always preferred mixed breed dogs and Shiloh has not disappointed.  He is sweet and he is good.  He took a little time adjusting to his new surroundings and, in fact, found himself quite literally between a rock and a hard place one morning.

Sawing our puppy out of the deck at 7:30 a.m. wasn't exactly what I wanted to wake up to.  Poor little guy.  He cried and cried.  Jamie had called in the middle of all this and asked if he needed to come home and take care of it.  Nope.  I've got it!  Here's what the post looks like now.  I think I need to put some wood glue between the two pieces to make it more stable.  You really don't notice the cut unless someone directs your attention to it.  Saving both the deck and the dog were shared priorities!

Parker has already been to Florida for a week to attend church camp.  It was a wonderful experience for her once again.  She brought home some seashells per Lilah's request and one afternoon I found this lovely floral arrangement on the kitchen table.  This girl cracks me up!  You can see the seashells in the bottom of the glass anchoring her lovely "flower."  Lilah has a knack for the home arts!

My sister had her big sonogram a couple of weeks ago and we were so excited to find out who is in there!  Anna hadn't planned any sort of gender reveal which is all the rage these days thanks to Pinterest.  If anyone were to ask my opinion, I think they can be sweet and intimate, but I have a difficult time with the whole party thing.  It seems like it's just one more way 20-somethings are making it all about "me."  Anyway, cattiness aside, I made darn certain that we weren't in any way going to ruin or upset plans my lovely sister may have made. She told me she'd likely just send a text after the appointment.  Well, no! We need to celebrate a little.  So, Mom, the girls, and I (in cahoots with her hubby) formed a plan.  We drove up to Bentonville and waited in the hallway outside her doc's office with our little signs. 

She was surprised and IT'S A GIRL and we all ate lunch together afterward.  Mom and the girls and I had some big fun moments just trying to get there and remain hidden from Anna.  Also, do you ever feel like the GPS gal wants to just sigh and give up on you since you don't listen to her anyway? 

The rest of our days have been filled with normal summer stuff.  We swim sometimes; the girls watch TV; we read (except Molly.  Got to get to work on her!); I pick up after everyone; we eat; I pick up after everyone; I work in the yard with Molly's help.  We finished the front flower bed and now I just need to add some annuals for some color, but they may have to wait until next spring.  Other areas of the yard need my attention big time.

I hope I've caught anyone up who cares to be caught up!  I've spent too much time here this morning.  I've got to get myself together and get out the door to host a bridal shower at 10:00.  I'll post pictures later; this shower is for one of my favorite people's daughter.  It's also the first shower I've really organized and I am not good at that.  But, the decor is pretty and the food will be yummy. 

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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