Sweet Summertime

May 24, 2012

It's officially summer break!  Day one kicked off with swimming at Carole's.  I didn't get any pictures, but the kiddos played and we conversed and it was a relaxing beginning to what I hope is a great summer.

This is my second attempt at mobile blogging. This time I want to see if I can do a series of InstaGram photos from my phone. If this works, you'll see several shots from around the yard. My cannas have bloomed early, and my crepe myrtle is about to. It doesn't usually bloom until July, so this is odd. I'm thinking the fact that it has been so dry has something to do with it. I finally planted sweet potato vine last weekend.  It amazes me that it will grow to be around 20 times the size it is now by August.  One of my favorite summer sights is bright green sweet potato vine trailing over our rock wall!

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