We Begin Again...

August 20, 2012

First day -- not much to say!  It was typical in nearly every way. 

We'll just call that my contribution to the literary world!  I'm worn out.  I know in my head that heels on the first day after flip flops all summer is a big no-no, but I do it anyway.  I'm thinking sandals tomorow. 

I do believe I'm having a much more difficult time dealing with the fact that we have a sophomore than with Lilah starting kindergarten.  That may change tomorrow after I actually deposit Lilah at school, but today I'm having a difficult time with PJB being in 10th grade.  Both my big girls look extra grown-up in this morning's picture.


I will post the picture of myself only because I am (I hope) among friends.  I've put on so much weight.  I don't realize it until I see myself.  I need to resolve to take care of this situation or I'm going to become one of those old, fat women who have let themselves go : (  The angle is a little weird, so we'll blame that for part of the problem.  Sadly, my arms really are that big...  30 Day Shred anyone?


Lilah had to go to Becca's for one last day since K won't start until tomorrow.  I dropped Molly off earlier than she likes at her school, but the alternative to that was riding the bus from my school and that was simply not an option for her.  Then, PJB and I headed to AHS where the first day is a celebratory experience -- at least at the beginning of the day. 

All day long today I heard, "You talk fast just like Parker!"  "Oh my gosh!  You and Parker look just alike!"  "This is weird!"  She heard the same thing from friends who had had my class earlier in the day.  We snapped this picture in the PAC this morning while we were waiting on the assembly to start.  This year, her class sits in the section that I am supposed to supervise during assemblies.  Again, not ready for this!  There are only two sections left for her to move to before she graduates.

I recieved an apple today from a student in first period.  He's just trying to stay on my good side!


I have to attend to my kindergarten girl now.  She's in the tub and may be prune-like at this point.  It's time to blow-dry hair (we only do that on special occasions!) and paint fingernails for tomorrow.  I'm thinking 8:30 bedtime tonight because we're all pooped!   Hope all you Arkansas friends had a wonderful first day!  

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