January 29, 2013

So, Molly turned 13!  We officially have two teenagers under one roof.  God bless us! 

Molly had a Spina Bifida clinic appointment at Children's on Thursday, and as we drove to Little Rock I couldn't help thinking about making that same journey on the same day thirteen years earlier.  I've said before that going through that pregnancy and not fully knowing what we could expect on the other side of it forced me, for the first time, to fully trust God with a situation that was beyond my control.  God has proven Himself over and over again in regard to Molly and I have every confidence that He will not disappoint us as we begin to work through the anxiety she experiences.

Speaking of the anxiety situation -- Our visit to Children's was so productive.  As Molly has gotten older I've often thought that these SB clinic visits were kind of pointless.  We really have only needed to stay in close contact with her urologist and the neurosurgeon.  Because Molly does so well in terms of her gross motor skills, we kind of enjoy putting SB in the backs of our minds from time to time.  Well, this visit was different.  We met the new neurosurgeon who clearly knows his stuff but isn't going to win any awards for his bedside manner.  That's fine.  As long as you can take care of my child and her needs, I'm good.   We were only scheduled to see Rehab Medicine (all the therapies fall under this umbrella) after neuro, but the neuropsychologist for the clinic and a social worker popped in to say hello and visit.  What a God-send!  He knew we needed to begin the discussion about Molly's anxiety and inability to talk to others with a professional.  The four of us had a great conversation and Molly is now on-board with moving forward.  We also did a quick OT eval because of some concerns I had over Christmas and the therapist did find some need for a weekly OT session.  Nothing moves quickly when trying to set these things up, but I have started the process.

We did have some fun with her birthday, too.  The five of us went to dinner Friday night at Cheddar's (Molly's choice!) and then home for cookie cake.  Saturday we went to my mom and dad's to celebrate both Molly's and my birthdays since they're so close together.  I didn't take a single picture Saturday.  Maybe my mom or my sister will send me some...  Hint.  Hint.

Anyway, we've met another milestone and I'm pretty proud of the young lady Molly is becoming.  I'll leave you with a few pictures of our most recent birthday girl.  Oh!  I am aware that I have two other daughters; however, they are both in some phases that I'm just not going to blog about.  Yep.  Just keepin' it real, folks! 


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