Lovely Arkansas

February 21, 2013

Saturday evening I snapped this picture from the picture window in our living room.

The light was so pretty and the break in the clouds just cast everything underneath in pinks and golds.  This photo doesn't do it justice, but it was enough to make me stop and take a moment just to picture it.
Fast forward to Wednesday and a snowy day!
The timing was really just right.   Our driveway didn't get slick at all, so no sledding. I won't complain because I've got a terrible cold for the second time this month and I just don't feel great at all.  The day and a half off will give me some time to feel better.  Lilah had to get out and have some fun, though.  I'm glad she's old enough now to be able to just be watched from the window!
The plan for the rest of today consists of starting season 3 of Downton, making a new recipe from Southern Living for dinner, and perhaps taking a little nap.  I've straightened the kitchen up and done a load of laundry and I feel like those are enough chores for today.  I am wondering where the freezing rain is??? 

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