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February 18, 2013

I'm embarassingly late to this party, but I have found Downton Abbey and a piece of my life that I didn't even realize was missing is now perfectly whole.  I had intended to sit down and watch since some time in 2010, but I just really can't follow anything on television these days.  It's such a commitment to follow a show!  But, when season three premiered I tried to watch the "wedding of the year" and, even though I only watched a few minutes, I was smitten with the fashion and decided I would find some time to begin at the beginning and give this series a chance.  I'm just so sad I didn't do it earlier.  I suppose the positive side to starting a series late like this is that I can watch three seasons as quickly as I want to -- no waiting!  It's sort of like books.  I have a love-hate relationship with waiting in anticipation (of course!) for the next installment.  It's something to look forward to, yes, but I am not a patient person who waits very well at all!

Anyway, I love the show and I love the style and that Mary Crawley is a girl I can identify with.  The other side of Downton that just fascinates me is the downstairs.  It is so intriguing to watch the ladies' maids and the valet dress their people for dinner -- every. single. night.  My goodness.  Part of me feels that our society today is missing something in that we don't value our appearance and our manners anymore.  The social graces are a lost art anymore.  And, the ladies of Downton sit up so straight -- all the time!  I made a concious effort today to sit up perfectly straight at my desk or in my stool.  Very difficult! 

If you're a latecomer like me... start watching.  Netflix has season 1 on instant queue and Hulu has both season 1 and 2 to stream.  I've DVR'd most of season 3, but PBS also has them available to watch for a limited time there.  I need to hurry and finish the last 2/3 of season 2 so I can get to those ASAP.  I've already heard several spoilers, but that's ok.  I'll be caught up in time for season 4!  I'll leave you with a few of my favorites from the first two seasons...

I can see Mary's dress (stripes) and Edith's dress (right) as inspiring my Easter dress this year.  My goodness, wouldn't it be fun to wear a hat?!?  I'd be laughed right out of Southside : )

Mary's dress (right) is perfect.  I love this.  You really have to be skinny to pull off the sillhouettes that were the style in the 19-teens and 20s.  I am not. 

 Last one!  Rich, rich, rich.  Can you imagine how heavy the beading makes these gowns?  I was born in the wrong decade by about 70 years!

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