Processing This Morning

March 20, 2013

I'm sitting in my quiet living room, waiting just a few more minutes to rouse the little girl who climbed in bed with us during the night and the teenager who will be cranky when I open her door.  I'm needing this time this morning to think and pray through some of the most tragic news I've ever received.  You see, our little town has lost a little life.  I am struggling to even grasp the reality of this and I'm certainly not ready to explain to my six year old that her friend has gone to heaven.

Jack and Lilah were part of the trio -- Jack, Colby, & Lilah -- and their babysitter's house for over four years before the boys went off to kindergarten last year and left her behind.  She sat between them at every meal and snack.  They played together every day for four years and when you've only reached the age of six, that's two-thirds of your life.  Jack was literally one of Lilah's oldest friends.  I'm sure she can't remember a time when he wasn't in her life.  When she started kindergarten this fall she was excited to see him, a big first grader, at parent drop-off and in the halls.  Usually at least once a week Audrie was dropping Jack off just ahead of us and Lilah would call his name and run to catch up with him so they could walk in together.

Jack won't be at school when we go back from Spring Break.  He died yesterday in an ATV accident.  His father was also injured and I'm not sure the extent of his injuries, but I am thinking they are significant.  I'll find the verse later, but my mind keeps going to the idea that the Holy Spirit can interecede for us with groans when we don't have the words or the frame of mind to make sense of what we want to say.  That's sort of where I am.  Please lift up this family -- Mom, Dad, and sister along with the sweetest grandparents any two children could have ever asked for.  Our former sitter and  her husband were like family, too, and I just hurt for them all as well as for myself and my child.

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