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August 21, 2013

In teacher terms, I have been "Below Basic" lately as far as blogging is concerned.  This summer has been busy, even in those moments when I haven't actually been doing anything.  My thoughts have raced from here to there and back again.  I have not been able to sit and concentrate on anything (my summer 2 classes reflected that).  I'm very worried about my ability to handle everything that is getting ready to fall in my lap.  I remember thinking throughout the school year last year that I was so pulled in many different directions that I wasn't doing anything well.  I'm afraid that may be the case again this year.  I'm clinging to the promise that I "should not be anxious, but in prayer and thanksgiving make my requests known to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind."  I am honestly so high-strung these days that I can't even pray very well.  I'm at that point where I just have to say, "Lord, you know my heart."  This is an impossible time of year for me to carve out much quiet time, any really, and I can sense an unrest in my spirit because of that. Well, I didn't really mean to go here...

Last Friday afternoon I purposefully carved out some time for the little girls and I to spend together before we returned to the rat race Monday. I worked that morning and then picked them up for a quick visit to Dad in the hospital (he's now in a rehab facility!), lunch from ChickFilA, and some time in the park.  The weather was amazing -- upper 70s in Arkansas in August.  What?!?  We finished it off with a trip to Books A Million, a place I generally avoid as I just become insanely discontented with my book collection and my public library when I'm such a magnificent retail establishment.  It was a great afternoon.

Thank goodness for cartwheel shorts!

We had to bring Allison.  I don't mind; this phase will be over too soon.


Saturday Parker needed a couple more things from Fort Smith before starting school, so she talked me into taking her by bribing me with lunch at Fuji.  My hardworking babysitter treated me to a yummy meal!  And, I let her!  A good parent might have said, "No, let me get it."  But, I have toted her around and waited on her more than I wanted to this summer, so I think I earned it ;)

We spent Sunday at church and then visited Dad in his new digs.  Jamie got up early and rode with his good friend and a couple of other guys that they've gotten to know by frequenting the Harley shop so much.  He is really enjoying his new bike!

Monday morning arrived and we rose and shone and got our acts together.  That's the one morning every year when I can count on smiles on faces and all of us in the car right on time.  Parker's friend Bri spent the night with her and they rode to school together -- PJB's first time to drive to school without me.  It was nice to walk Lilah in and to drop Molly off and then have a little time to myself before arriving at AHS.  Taking pictures on the morning of the first day of school is one of my favorite things EVER.  EVER. 

Backpack(s), backpack(s)!

Molly Seven -- 8th grader.  Ugh.  Not ready for this.

The garden hose in this photo adds just the right touch -- a lovely hint of color! Ha!

Bri and PJB -- Juniors -- REALLY not ready for this, so ugh-ugh.

Lilah's expression is just weird.  These are my ladies, though!

Only a few times a year do I actually share a photo of myself anywhere.  Firs day is one of those times.

Mrs. Moody and Lilah...We are going to miss her!  She wrote Lilah the sweetest note on Monday.

Jaydan and Lilah -- I will surprised if these two aren't lifelong friends.

Unpacking some things at her desk

Ready for a new adventure with Mrs. Parker!  Lilah's placement in her class is truly a blessing.

I'm sure I have more to share, but this will be it for this evening.  Happy Back to School!

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