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September 16, 2013

I have a moment!  I actually have at least five other things this moment could be used for, but since everyone else is busy and quiet, I'll use it to update you good folks about life in the Battles' home.  We've been in school four weeks at this point.  We really just jumped right in and it's been nonstop since the first day. 

Highlights from the past month are:

1. PJB started a part-time job at a local pizza place.
2. We bought an additional car for PJB to drive (it's not HER's ours and we let her drive it).
3. Lilah turned seven and we celebrated with a trip to Dallas to visit the aquarium and American Girl.
4. Molly got braces.
5. Molly is serving as cheer manager for the 8th grade cheer squad.
6. I began my next-to-last semester of grad school.
7. Lilah started Little League cheerleading.

There have also been some struggles since returning to school.  As a school and community we've experienced loss already this year when one of my colleagues was killed in a car accident.  I found out today that a former student has Hodgkins lymphoma.  Dad is still in rehab and his condition is pretty much the same.  My dear friend and co-worker somewhat unexpectedly lost her father.  Another co-worker is battling cancer and has had two surgeries and chemo since teachers returned to school in early August.  There is no shortage of suffering in this world.

I think one thing I'm learning is to embrace the moment these days.  I've always sort of been of the mindset that the next "season" would always be better or easier or more fun.  That's kind of a silly way to live.  I like where my family is right now.  The girls' ages are all pretty enjoyable at the moment. I love watching Parker step out more and more toward independence (despite the fact that it sometimes kills me to let her do that).  She's involved with a wonderful guy and is learning to juggle school, a (very) part-time job, a social life, and family life.  She's doing a pretty good job!  Molly is in the last year of middle school (can I get an Amen?), and she is having a pretty decent school year.  Lilah is full of fun (and occasional frustration).  She's excited about nearly everything these days.

Rather than continue with words tonight, I'll just share some photos of this season with you. 

Daddy and Lilah crafting some sandals for Allison.

Finished product

 Drive-by photo of PJB at work
 Football season begins!
We cheer for #74!
We wear green & gold!
My photos aren't uploading very well, so I'm just going to leave it at this.  I feel like the busy, busy is getting ready to hit.  I'm really hoping to make a lot of headway with my own schoolwork this week as Jamie is working out of town.  I just can't really work very well at home with a house full, but I think an early bedtime for the little girls tonight is in order.
There's a quick update!  Twenty years from now the girls will know what we (sort of) did from mid-August to mid-September 2013!

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