Thoughts at 6:00 a.m. On a Tuesday

September 09, 2014

Good morning! It's early. I've been up for a while now, getting the husband off to work and spending my quiet time in my swing on the back deck. Did you know I lay out his clothes for him while he showers? Yeah. I'm that awesome. You're probably failing as a wife if you're not doing that, too. -smile- I have carved out the time from when he leaves the house (about 5:40) and 6:30ish to sit here with my green tea and my scrambled eggs (Whole30 approved) or my apple. I usually watch the If:Equip bible study and read the day's passage. They're starting Genesis on Monday. Join me? I pray. I listen to about five varieties of birds in the trees while Lucy explores. She is usually ready to settle down on the deck near and I think she enjoys quiet time, too. This is a luxury that is quickly becoming a necessity. I am better equipped to handle the chaos of three girls getting ready for school if I've had a few moments to myself. 

Sometimes it's difficult to get myself focused. I usually wake up thinking about so many things. This morning was one of those mornings. So, here's what is running through my head...

I'm beginning Day 9 of the Whole30. Google it. I'm omitting all dairy, sugar, and wheat for thirty days. I am eating boring food because I am not an adventurous fruit and veggie eater. But, I'm sticking to it. I've been a bit convicted that this is a spiritual thing for me. I am addicted to sugar. This process is giving me an idea of what it must be like for an addict to quit a drug. Sugar is never far from my thoughts. I may get busy and not notice it much, but when I'm tired, cranky, hungry, sad, happy, etc. it just calls to me. I'm going to make it, though. I'm going to make it and get a lovely little tattoo on my left wrist when I'm finished!

Parker is a senior. Always. On. My. Mind.

God answers prayers, even little ones.

I've carved out some time on Monday nights to do the new Beth Moore study, Children of the Day, at church. I'm ready to start that homework.

I'm feeling like I want to blog more. Maybe I want to blog and just step away from Facebook for a while. A social media diet wouldn't hurt me at all. My people, even my oldest, have been so kind and encouraging. I hear, "write a book," from time to time and that just intimidates me. Maybe I'll do The Nester's "31 days" series in October. I'm going to need something to fill the Whole30's void. I'd like to be an encourager. Like, my heart is all about this, "Be real. Quit competing," idea. Surely women need to hear that a little more often. Maybe that's my niche. Who knows?

My hair is either perfect for this humidity or terrible for it. I suppose if I embrace curly, then it's perfect. No straight hair is in my immediate future. This can be frustrating.

We are expecting a cold front I hear. I'm so ready. I mean, I'm really so ready!

Mornings are busy....I'll finish this tonight. 

The Sassy Schoolmarms have a new podcast up. We discuss Laura Ingalls Wilder's memoir, my distate for banana, and other riveting topics. Find us on iTunes and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook. Sara and I are having lots of fun, but we need an audience. Please. 

So, I finished this at home tonight and there are a million more thoughts in my head. I'll have to share them later because a skunk is in my side yard and I must figure out how to shoo it away before our dog sees it. Are skunks seen in the daytime rabid? Here's a quick photo. Enjoy!

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