First Frost

November 01, 2014

It is a lazyish Saturday morning around here, at least for me. We woke up to our first frost after reaching a low of 29 overnight. I had added the winter quilt to the bed and turned on the central heat before going to bed last night (hibernation mode). I was chilled to the bone after sitting in the bleachers while watching our Airedales win the Battle of Bone for the fourth time in in a row. Victory is sweet. An almost shut-out is even sweeter. 

Yesterday was Halloween and I was ever so thankful to only need to worry about one child having a costume. Lilah wanted to be a biker chick, so we pulled an outfit together and outfitted her with a temporary tattoo sleeve that may not be so temporary after all. Those tattoos are on there good! She looked great and the best part is that she can continue to wear the boots, vest, and jeggings. I'm seriously so proud of myself for managing to only spend money on stuff that can be reused. 

One of her sweet friends had a Halloween party for her birthday last night, and Lilah had the best time. I hope this little group continues to enjoy each other as they grow up together. We've just really been blessed with meeting some precious little girls since Lilah started school.

October has been quite a month. I believe you all know I love fall, and I do, but that really doesn't guarantee that it's going to be an easy time. The past month has not been particularly easy, but it's been manageable. I'm learning that manageable is sometimes the best I can hope for! 

Of course, I make things difficult from time to time when I do things like rip up a bedroom's carpet on a whim because I saw some cute painted floors on Pinterst. Really, it's time to replace the carpet in all the bedrooms because we are so hard on carpet. I'm glad to have gotten six years out it. New flooring isn't in the budget right now, but I can buy some paint and stencils. I figure this can ride us over until we decide on new permanent flooring, although, the painted floors I've seen are super cute. We shall see!

Last week I traveled with Mom and Anna to Shady Grove where we buried Dad's ashes. It's been almost a year, and Mom said she was ready. We took the beautiful arrangement from his memorial service and placed it on his grave. It was a sweet time. The Lord was so gracious in stopping the rain that had been pretty steady all morning for us.  My mother's cousin and his wife met us there, and Don used his post-hole digger to prepare the spot. We all joined hands in prayer before we placed Dad in the ground. Wanda Lou suggested we each take a handful of dirt to toss in, and we did. I've not been at a graveside before where that was actually done. I feel like Dad would have been pleased to know we were all there, and I know he would pleased to know that he is now near my grandparents and other extended family members. That cemetery is a special place.

I can't tell you how amazing people have been in this past year. My mother is loved and cared for, that's a fact. I'll have to sit down and just create a list of the kindnesses others have shown her. From mowing her yard to sending flowers to fixing a shed, the thoughtfulness is overwhelming. I've learned so much from these friends of my parents about how to care for a grieving person, or really just a person with a need. I'm determined to put what I've learned into practice in the coming weeks and months -- don't ask, just do. Folks will tell you they're fine and they will rarely respond to, "What can I do?" with a real answer. So, we just need to DO.

This seems like a good place to stop for today. It's 10:30 and I suppose I really should climb out from under these amazing blankets and get on with my day. Happy November, folks!

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