July 20, 2010


This is the senior mixed group from choir camp performing the final song, Africa.  Because of their contract with an official recording company, only rehearsal footage can be shared, but the live concert performance was unbelievable.   I literally had goosebumps and could quite possibly have had little tears welling up in my eyes.  This isn't PJB's group (her junior ensemble, ladies, and mixed groups did a fantastic job as well), but there are lots of Alma faces here.

Jamie and I (ok, mainly me) just could not think of who recording this back in the early 80s.  Toto!  Silly us.  We were thinking Duran Duran and Men At Work (they sang about the land down under, not Africa...duh!)  For you 80s's a blast from the past.

This is really a great song.  I've listened to it a gazillion times today.  Parker was quite tickled that it was a real "radio" song and that the band's name was Toto.  I mean, in the world of serious artists with names like Lady Gaga (disgusting woman -- my humble opinion) and Ke$ha (who puts a dollar sign in their name?  That's a pretty big ego for someone who can't sing.), Toto gets a little chuckle.

On a side note, the girls and I worked in my room at school today and I have it almost back together after new carpet and paint.  I can tell you that if those fumes don't air out by August 19th, we are all going to be high as kites.  My PG friend might need a mask!  It's strong. 

On another side note, it's 11:20 pm.  Both big girls are reading (or maybe texting) in their rooms.  I'm here.  Jamie's at work until 12:30 and then I'll probably get something together for him to eat.  Getting back on schedule is going to be so, so difficult! 

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