Happy Camper : )

July 18, 2010

Jamie and I picked up our happy choir camper yesterday afternoon and I don't think she was quite ready to come home.  This was her second year to attend and I feel pretty confident in saying she'll be back every year until her senior year.  I really wouldn't be surprised if she continues on as a counselor after that!  This year's theme was The Great Outdoors...not exactly what my girly-girl had in mind.

They have lots of fun besides making music.  One night they go to Wild River Country; one night they have intramurals; another night they have a talent show.  The final night of camp is THE dance.  In keeping with this year's theme, the dance was called the "Camo Cotillion."  Now, Jamie is the only person in this house who owns any camouflage apparel.  I didn't really want to buy PJB anything camo because I doubt she'd wear it again, so I got crafty.  Martha Stewart would be so proud!

I took pink and brown camo fabric and made flowers to attach to a tank...and also a big one for her hair.  Now, you can see that she is all dolled up.  One of the risks a parent takes in letting their 13 year old daughter stay away for a week at camp without them is that she will likely apply too much eyeliner.  One thing that remained constant was that she did continue to take lots of self portraits.  Thank goodness!

Another thing that may happen when you let your teenager out of your sight for a week is that she will pack a pair of Daisy Duke's that she knows you don't approve of. 

PJB felt the need to take an entire bedding ensemble with her.  This toile set was Molly's (and then Li's).  I had intended on Li's nursery being black and white toile with pink accents and that she and Molly would share a room...Didn't exactly happen like I planned, so we have this set that's in really good shape and it may just hang around for the sole purpose of camp bedding. 

I have decided to overlook PJB's obvious lapse in judgment on the eyeliner and shorts thing because she won Outstanding Female Jr. High camper!  Yay!  Jamie and I were so surprised and so happy.  Parker is truly a great kid and it is nice to know that she's outstanding when she's away from us.  The award came with a $200 scholarship to camp next year, so that's really nice. 

It's pretty cool that our state has the ACC.  These choral directors and the board put on an amazing camp every year.  The fact that 390 students from Arkansas (and a handful from Oklahoma and 1 from Tennessee) return year after year is a testament to the quality of the program.  This isn't Glee...  The music they're learning is really high-brow stuff and the combined talent of the kids' voices and the directors' abilities makes for a truly amazing choral experience.

On the way home we celebrated at Rivertowne Barbecue in Ozark, otherwise known as heaven on earth.  On the way home we decided Tennessee drivers are worse than Oklahoma drivers.  On the way home I was thankful for a great afternoon!

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  1. Way to go, Parker! Does she get all this talent from you?

  2. Naturally! I did sing when I was much, much younger. I was also in a performing troupe that performed a musical about our statehood in Oklahoma when I was 7th grade. My solo was a song called "Rhyco" about the tornado that blew our schoolhouse away... It's amazing that I'm not actually on broadway right now.


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