It's Fall Y'all!!!

September 26, 2010

Today was the first official day of fall as far as I'm concerned.  We've endured summer-like temps for far too long.  I finally felt like putting out some fall decor.  Now, you need to understand I do good to have regular decor.  We had been in our house over 2 1/2 years before I finally hung something on the living room walls last May.  Here are just a few things I've done in the kitchen and dining area.

That little scarecrow in the corner is 17 years old!  Mom gave him to me the first fall that Jamie and I were married. 

This lantern stays up year-round, but I add a little something to it for the season.  It was my grandpa's and I don't have  clue how old it really is.  I would imagine it could be anywhere from 40 - 60 years old.  That's the original glass -- crazy, huh?  No glass object in our possession is likely to make it 4 years.

These are my old jars.  The Mason jars are blue -- that doesn't really show up well in this picture. 

And here's a little candle next to my favorite family picture of all time.  To bad it was pre-Lilah.  Maybe we could Photoshop her in?

I really have conflicted feelings about putting out fall stuff along with Halloween things.  I just don't like them mixed for some reason.  I don't have a lot of Halloween, so I think I'll just stick to putting it in the hall bathroom.  That way the girls can enjoy it.

If I'd had a caramel apple today, life would have been pretty close to perfect!

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