Take Me Down to the Little White Church...

October 10, 2010

 I love that song, but this wedding wasn't held in a little white church.  I'll just warn you -- this post is super long.  I think I've uploaded 25 pictures to share.  These are all from Mom's camera.  Anna's camera is somewhere in Mexico at a resort and the photographers haven't gotten theirs ready for us yet.  Parker was a little surprised that they didn't just rush right home and get on that.  I can't, can't, can't wait to see those.  This couple who took the official wedding photographs were amazing.  They were everywhere!  I love that they took lots of cameo shots and the poses or "looks" Anna wanted were also very "her".  OK, let's get started.  This is sort of a play-by-play from the rehearsal to the end of the reception.  Of course, Mom didn't take pictures of the ceremony or at the reception.  She was too busy being beautiful and visiting with the many family members and friends who attended.

Here's PJB's trademark expression these days.  To me it just screams, "I AM 13!!!"

Here are my big girls with their now-official Uncle Rawlon and Cousin Maddy.  We are thrilled that they are now part of the family -- fo' real!

Here's the trial run.  Lilah wasn't too into the whole rehearsal process.  Connor, the ring bearer, was all business.  Lilah was no business.

The rehearsal dinner was at Jose's and Lilah enjoyed wrestling with the boys.  I guess they didn't hear Mimi say, "Pose!" but Lilah sure did.

This is a shot of the seating at the Garden Room.  Parker was asking me what this place was that Anna was getting married in -- church?  hotel?  what?  I was trying to explain it to her before we arrived and she said, "Oh, it's just a venue."  Yes, PJB.  I think you've been watching too many reality wedding shows.

This is the stage area.  Beautiful!

The guest book table once it was moved inside prior to the reception.  It was outside before the ceremony and manned very well by Parker and Maddy.  Molly helped by delivering gifts to the table inside.

Lilah was so good while her hair was being fixed.  The tiara held on until 9:00 that night!  Gwen and Shawna drove up from Clarksville and did a great job on everyone's hair.  

Gram was worn out by the time we wrapped everything up last night around 9:30.  She spent quite a bit of time visiting with her sister and brother in law before the wedding.  It's really touching how many family members drove quite a ways to be in Fayetteville yesterday.

My parents looked fabulous!  Mom's dress was PERFECT for her.  I want to borrow it!

My little sister with my baby...  Aren't they both just gorgeous?

Here are the photographers (Landers Green) in action.  They were very kind and didn't seem to mind having 100 people standing behind them getting their own shots.

We did a lot of waiting for our turn...  Aren't our dresses great?  This color was perfect for everyone.

Anna and her new daughter along with my girls.

 Lilah's gift at the rehearsal dinner was a baby doll who was dressed to match her.  Lilah named her Tiaria (TEE ARE EEE AH)...

She finally decided to like her basket.  Anna had sent us a picture over the summer and Lilah looked at it almost daily.  What she didn't expect was that Anna had fixed it up with peacock feathers and a bow...  She came around.

 My dear friend Amy made the beautiful and delicious wedding cake.

 My big girls...

 One of the tablescapes...  Anna used hydrangeas everywhere.

Two of my favorites!

 Three of my dad's four sisters were able to come.

Not a great picture -- I hope the others are better!

The Outlaws.  These are all the people who married into the Batchelor side...  Years ago when I was little, they called themselves The Outlaws. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rawlon Ruddick

And, here they are cutting that wonderful cake.  Anna was a beautiful bride and she planned the perfect wedding and reception.

Before we (the girls) went down to the ceremony, Anna's best friend since childhood, Amber, led us in prayer.  I so wish that someone had recorded it so I could remember everything she said.  We were all (except for Anna who I suspect had to have been on drugs) sobbing by the second sentence.  The photographer happened to be in the room and I am sure she got some shots of that sweet moment.

I just continued to have tears rolling down my face throughout the ceremony.  It's very touching to look out at a sea of faces and see almost everyone that you LOVE sitting there in the same place.  My husband (who got slightly teary himself -- I think; it was hard to see through my own tears), my big girls, my parents (with Lilah sitting on Mom's lap after her daddy coaxed her down from the stage), my grandmother, and extended family were all there sharing this special moment.  Anna and Rawlon are blessed and so are we.

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  2. Your sister's wedding was beautiful and all you ladies look gorgeous!!

    By the way, I have an award for you on my blog! :-)


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