In the Kitchen With Lilah

December 18, 2010

Sounds like a cookbook title doesn't it?  Lilah loves the kitchen.  If I am making anything at all these days, she's right there to help.  If I were a better mother, I would welcome her enthusiasm and slow myself down enough to teach her a little bit about what I'm doing.  Sometimes I'm that good mother.  More often than not, though, I'm feeling hurried and I'll bargain with her and let her pour one thing in or cut one thing or, in this case, sprinkle one thing.

I have loved homemade cinnamon rolls my whole life!  The ones I made Thursday night were possibly the best ever.  It's very likely that Lilah's mad sprinkling skills just put them over the top.
My kitchen floor has, of late, been littered with little scraps of white paper that I just can't seem to keep swept up.  Molly's GT class made snowflakes a couple of weeks ago and she tried to teach her little sister how to make them, too.  

Please excuse the fact that Lilah is topless.  We are sort of clothing-optional around here.  Also, please excuse the fact that I'm letting my 4 year old use very big, very sharp scissors.  Safety scissors were nowhere to be found, so we decided to live on the edge for a while.  
Please note that in the background the table is set.  Molly asked why were being so "fancy."  Ha!  Well, I told her that at one time sitting around the table together for dinner every night was considered the norm.  She was shocked.  Why eat at the table when you have perfectly good bar stools and can eat at the island; mom can stand up and eat at the island; and dad can watch ESPN or the news in peace while he eats?  Shameful, I know.  

Please also take a moment to observe the fact that this is the first morning of Christmas Break.   .........................................................................................  There.  I have so very much to do, but just a fraction of it is shopping related.  I got Jamie's gift all situated yesterday just to find that they may be working New Year's Eve until late as well as New Year's Day.  Pray they don't!  I've gotten tickets to watch the Atlanta Hawks (Joe Johnson, baby!) play in OKC and ordered him a replica Joe Johnson travel jersey.  I made the hotel reservation and we are set to go.  I hope : / 

Now it's time to make my Saturday list and get this day started.  I've had my spiced tea, so I should be good to go!  Happy it's-only-one-week-until-Christmas!

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