So sore, so sore, so sore!

December 20, 2010

I'm better today, but yesterday I could barely squat or reach or simply get up from a sitting position.  No, I haven't started P90X; I simply painted Parker Jane's bedroom.  After a coat of primer, then the color, then the cutting in I was absolutely done.  Painting is one of those things that always seems like such a good idea until you get too far in to quit.  Jamie worked all weekend, so I painted alone.  Actually, I would have painted alone anyway because he flat out refuses to pick up a brush.  He abhors painting!  I'm beginning to share the sentiment.

I like the color in the evening and a night, but during the day it is BRIGHT!  We've got to get some window treatments up very soon or PJB will need sunglasses during daytime hours. 

She loves it, though.  The bedding she picked out (her "play with" from Santa) looks a lot different in person (she hasn't seen it yet) than it does in this shot from the website.

This looks like a plummy color, but in reality it is very purple.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  I think it's a good thing her furniture is black -- maybe that will cut the brightness somewhat.  After we get some art on her walls that should help, too.  
I read a great blog post yesterday (I'd publish the link, but I'm running short on time and I can't remember which blog it was for certain) about how Satan will try and try this week before Christmas to distract us from the real celebration which is Christ's birth.  Isn't that true?  I've got so much to do to get ready.  We're meeting Mom and Gram for some last minute shopping today after Molly chiropractor visit.  I've yet to wrap a single present.  My house is a wreck because I painted all weekend and Christmas is here.  I've got food prep to start.  However, it will be fine.  All of these tasks will be completed.  My mantra today and tomorrow and the next is "Don't let the joy get sucked out...  Don't let the joy get sucked out."  

A text came through yesterday after church (wonderful by the way and I have a link to share later about that) from Gram via Mom (Gram doesn't text!).  It said, "Gram says take the turkey out of the freezer right now."  That wasn't on my list to do until the 21st, but OK.  It's thawing in the fridge as we speak.  

I feel like such a big girl with a turkey thawing in the refrigerator!  I can do this!  I found a recipe I really like and hopefully we'll have a succulent, juicy turkey on Christmas day.  (The Thanksgiving turkey was SO dry!)  I'm also making a pan of dressing (Gram's recipe) for the first time ever.  I made my cornbread Saturday night, let it dry out overnight, and it's now in the freezer until Friday.  Gram made her cornbread and put it in the freezer like 3 weeks ago, but it's not a race, right?  She's making a pan, too just in case mine meets with disaster.  Not really -- our family is just growing to the point we need two pans so we can have leftovers!

Enjoy today!  It's 9:05 and we've got be in Fort Smith in an hour and a half and I've yet to shower!

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