61 -- 70

January 31, 2011

61.  Molly's birthday celebrations -- homemade pizza at home, dinner at La Huerta, manicures with Grace, cookie cake, Pizza Parlour pizza, and

62.  Sharing a birthday with my Gram and celebrating a week early with Molly : ) 

63.  Italian Cream cake made by one of my best friends from forever

64.  Knowing that this weekend was my last weekend of indulgence -- Sugar/carb addiction stops now!

65.  Lysa Terkuerst's new book, Made to Crave, which is eye-opening and pretty darn convicting

66.  Lilah's sense of accomplishment after "cleaning" her own room without even being asked

67.  YouTube and the people who share instructional videos i.e. "How to Lay Laminate Flooring"

68.  Birthday money to be spent on laminate flooring : )

69.  75 degree days at the end of January

70.  The Sunday paper -- especially when it contains great coupons

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