Lazy Afternoon

April 10, 2011

I'm sitting here in the recliner, waking up nice and slow from an afternoon nap.  My husband is still napping on the couch; in fact, he has just turned over to face the wall which indicates to me that he plans on being there for a while.  He has probably worked 65 hours this week which is pretty much the norm.  Occasionally he may work 70 or so; he has had a couple of 90 hour weeks in the past year.  He doesn't shy away from hard work -- that's for sure. 

He went in this morning for 5 hours and he cut his arm pretty badly finishing up the last part he was making.  Based on his description of the cut and the fact that "meat" was hanging on the drillbit, he probably should have gone for stitches.  (It's bandaged up tight right now and I am not looking forward to the unveiling of this wound.)  My man doesn't really believe in seeking medical attention unless a bone is showing or the pain is unbearable (i.e. the widom teeth ordeal of 2010).  He currently has a fingernail that is partially gone.  He has lots and lots of scars -- one of which did require stitches and looks like a botched suicide attempt.  He has smashed fingers and had 300 pound platforms of stainless steel dropped on his foot.  He's a pretty tough guy.  He's also emotionally exhausted right now and I hope that this afternoon's good rest will restore him somewhat.

I went for the TEE test Wednesday morning.  Yay!!! -- I do not have a bicuspid valve after all and I was given the go-ahead to proceed with the kidney donation.  Dad and I go to OKC to meet with the surgeon on the 20th.  I really hope we have enough time to schedule the surgery while school is still in session.  I don't want my girls' first month of summer to be full of sitting around, waiting on Mom to heal. 

Random, but the air conditioning just kicked on.  Don't you love air conditioning?  Nothing says "Summer" to me like the air blowing, cool and crisp, from the ceiling!  Tonight it will be especially nice because I'll not only have the AC blowing, but I'll have fresh sheets on the bed as well.  Two of my favorite things! 

Yard work is in full swing around here, but unfortunately I still have much to do.  I'm tearing out one flower bed that never had much in it to begin with and expanding it.  I moving more rocks to fill in the top of the ledge rather than mulch that every year.  In the process I'm also "weed-proofing" under the layer of rocks, so that process is slow going.  The irises that brought from Mom and Dad's a couple of years ago is finally going to bloom for me this year.  The buds are there and I hope they open this week!  I think??? these bulbs are some that can be traced back to my grandparents house.  Maybe I dreamt that?  I'll ask Mom.  I do love for my plants to have a connection to someone.  I planted the two hydrangea plants that were sent to Dale's funeral and I really hope they make it.  Yesterday evening and today, they are droopy.  Mom said that's shock from the transplant.  Sure hope Dad and I don't experience too much shock from the transplant!

Lilah is here, hanging over the side of my recliner, asking for cheese and crackers.  She has not napped today (she does not nap for me anymore), so she is wired and rambling right now.  I should feed her.  She's adorable in her Sharpay dress-up dress and my lipstick!  She just said, "Fine, I'll do my cheese crackers myself."  I have just said, "Wait."  She said, "Fine, but I need 5 cheese crackers -- just do it!" 


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