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June 13, 2011

I'm enjoying the first Monday morning of summer break!  Summer mornings are great.  My girls are old enough to sleep in a little bit which gives me some quiet time.  Jamie is leaving for work pretty early, so I get up with him, pack his lunch, and then settle into my chair by the window for some time in the Word.  That's something that is really difficult for me to keep up during the school year.  I really treasure these quiet moments.  Here's a look at my view every morning...

We got some much-needed rain Saturday afternoon and everything has greened-up again.  This evening I have a date with some weeds.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

191.  Quiet time in the morning

192.  The feel and the sound of Bible pages being turned

193.  Afternoon thunderstorms

194.  Summer break

195.  Electric bills that are $3.74 (a deposit was credited back to us; no secret energy tips here!)

196.  Reading Lilah her first chapter book and laughing at that silly Junie B. Jones (again)

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