August 27, 2011

So, if you've been around here the last month, you know life hasn't been easy and I have literally been "Choosing My Battles" on a daily basis.  It's been frustrating and scary, but I've done a pretty good job in resting in the Lord through it all.  My family and friends have held us up in prayer and in other ways -- never underestimate the blessing you give someone by praying for them.  I was reading the Revive Our Hearts transcript the other day and this stuck out to me:  "Is your goal to change your circumstances?  Or, is your goal to see God glorified?"  If I'm being honest, there have been lots of moments this past month when my goal was change these circumstances!  Now!  Fast!  On the other hand, there have been sweet moments when I have felt God saying to me, "Be patient.  This is My plan.  Trust!"  Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that it is His plan and I can either grumble and fret (fretting has been the focus of the past few days on ROH, so if you're inclined to fret as I am then check that out) or I can look for His hand in it.  Just preaching to myself here...

Well, I have good new to report!  Jamie received a call last Wednesday from a former co-worker of his and he is now, in his words, "gainfully employed."  He started Friday and so far it seems like a good fit.  The job is pretty much the same as what he's always done, but this company seems to be more laid back and he won't be required to work ridiculous hours and go out of town.  Maybe this will help restore some balance to our family!  One of the things I have been tempted to "fret" over is that he would either go back to work at his previous employer or that whatever new position he found would be the same sort of gig.  Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness!

I just wanted to update anyone who I may not have talked to.  Blogger is still giving me fits and won't let me comment on my own blog, so I'll thank Amanda here for her prayers : )  I'm back to cleaning now.  I've made it through the master bed and bath and done a couple of loads of laundry.  There's still an enormous amount to tackle before I feel OK about my house.  I'm off to enlist (or maybe command) some help from three little girls!

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