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October 10, 2011

As I continue listing gifts this week, I'm overwhelmed by the kindness that's been shown to me and my family during my recovery.  Today marks two weeks post-transplant and I'm feeling good.  I'm a little concerned about the biggest incision as the scabs and steri-strips are coming off, but I see the surgeon on Thursday and am sure it will be fine until then. 

310.  Food prepared by friends, delivered daily for almost two weeks

311.  A good night's sleep

312.  Handwritten notes of encouragement

313.  Seven staples to hold the skin atop PJB's knee together

314.  My husband's willingness to take charge of this most recent ER visit

315.  A quick visit with an old friend that just jumped right into the deep stuff of life

316.  Molly's improvement on her clarinet

317.  Littlest Pet Shop play in the living room floor

318.  My Sunday school class (this shows up a lot on my gift list, but it's a new gift each week)

319.  Wednesday night prayers

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  1. So happy to hear you are recovering well! What amazing friends you have. A play in the living room floor... how sweet is that!?! Wonderful list of gifts!

  2. Oh, the blessing of a husband taking charge sometimes...where would we be without it? Blessings to you as you heal. :)


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