320 -- 335

October 17, 2011

320.  Feeling the best I've felt in three weeks and celebrating this morning by mowing the yard!  I'm back in the saddle or at least the seat of the Cub Cadet!

321.  Gram and Lilah -- so very thankful for a chance to spend the night with her last week and for Lilah to have a day with Gram all to herself

322.  Good reports for Dad and me -- we're healing up nicely and doing very well.  Dad has been walking a mile each day and watching his diet carefully.  He's lost 20+ pounds since the surgery!  (My appetite is back, so not much weight loss for me...)

323.  A new Christmas ornament from Mom -- a gingerbread man!!!

324.  TOMS for my big girls

325.  $40+ in loose change -- a gift from Gram to Lilah

326.  Watching PJB and her friends sing the alma mater at the end of the homecoming pep rally (notice that she still has her hospital bracelet on from her ER trip -- how did this escape me???)

327.  Life in a small town

328.  Taking a picture with my girls (although poor Molly is nearly blocked) while waiting in line at McDonalds (post-homecoming parade replenishment)

329.  My friend Carole and another year of sitting in the north end zone -- where our kids can play and not disturb too many people -- on Friday nights

330.  Encouragement from wise friends and the realization that though the enemy may be afoot, I have power through Christ that cannot be touched

331.  That phone call after a rather silent day that begins with, "Hello my beautiful wife" and knowing that everything is back as it should be

332.  My private PJB coming in from her Sunday evening trip to Braum's and WalMart with friends and sharing an exciting bit of information with me.  Now, the question is, "Do we let her do this???"

333.  A wonderful sub and teacher-friend-partner-cohort next door who have kept my classes on track without me so that I could use this time to rest and not worry about school

334.  The first homemade chili of the fall

335.  Magic cookie bars

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  1. Beautiful list! :) I love #327. I don't live in my small town anymore but going home is always the best.. room to breathe, wonderful friends, a better pace!

  2. 1. I'm glad you're doing well.
    2. Born and bred as a small town girl, I miss it. *sigh*
    3. You are stinking adorable


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