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January 23, 2012

Here I sit, at home on a Monday morning.  I've got a sickish little girl who seemed very sick at 4:00 a.m., but the Tylenol must have kicked in because she's feeling better now.  I'm concerned, though.  Her complaint when she came to get in bed with us at 3 was that her "face hurt."  By 4 she was burning up; at 6 she added sore throat to her list of complaints; she also has a tummy ache.  Strep is going around, but my girls rarely get that.  The symptom I'm worried about is the "face hurt."  The entire right side was hurting earlier.  Now it seems to be localized just under her chin, on her neck.  It's very tender to the touch and that area is swollen.  To go to the doctor, or not???  I think we'll give it today and if we need to go tomorrow, we will.  My preliminary findings via Google don't point to this being super-urgent.  Don't you know doctors just love patients who make their own diagnosis from the Internet?  (I also have a sick husband today -- tummy stuff.  I must. not. can. not. get sick.)

It looks like I have some time to add to my gift list.  I had thought the structure of the Joy Dare's three gifts per day would keep me moving at a good pace.  It's helpful, but I can't quite keep up.  So, I've hit and missed the past couple of weeks...

January 11 -- Three yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy

460.  The walls in my classroom
461.  Bright picture book pages
462.  Lemons

January 12 --

461.  Something above you -- Words on the wall, students' names for 2012


462.  Something below you -- Dress up feet


463.  Something beside you -- Molly in the front seat

January 13 -- Three sounds you hear

464.  Alarm that sounds like nighttime outside noise

465.  "Have a good weekend, Mrs. Battles."

466.  3:30 bell

January 15 --

467.  One thing you wore -- my black cardigan that is older than Lilah

468.  One thing you gave away -- my need to feel vindicated, justified, right -- however you'd like to put it

469.  One thing you shared -- the covers

January 16 --  Three ways you witnessed happiness today

470.  Lilah's smile when I came home from professional development meetings

471.  Molly playing outside with her little sister

January 17 --

472.  One gift that made you laugh -- Lilah mixing up her words -- "I got zipped" (shocked)

473.  One gift that made you pray -- a link to a marriage article, scriptures to pray for my man

474.  A gift that made you quiet -- beautiful sunrise

January 18 -- Three gifts from God's word

475.  Romans 12:19 -- Vengeance is mine... (just a very well-timed reminder that God's got my back)

476.  Jeremiah 29:11 -- Always : )

477.  1 Peter 3:1 -- win without words

January 19 --

478.  A grace in the kitchen -- Jamie taking care of dinner so I could visit Gram

479.  A grace in the weather -- a sunny winter's day

January 21 --

480.  One thing in the sky -- Clear and sunny

481.  One thing from your memory -- living in the house in Clarksville with two little girls who let me coordinate their clothes

482.  One thing that's ugly-beautiful -- messy ponytails

January 22 --

483.  One grace wrinkled -- Gram's hands and arms (the extra fluid is finally leaving her body -- no more puffy there)

484.  One grace smoothed -- That smoothing of the skirt or dress or pants that all women seem to do when they stand up.  Noticed this routine at church yesterday -- it's almost as if it's choreographed.

485.  One grace unfolded -- pajamas for bedtime

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