Winding Down the Work Week

February 10, 2012

I'm enjoying a quiet moment...  And, it's still going on...  Wow.  I believe I'll take this opportunity to share a few things I've thought/seen/read/done this week. 

1.  We are actually facing another giant.  I was so determined that 2012 would be easy, but it isn't starting out that way.  It's hard, so hard, to be patient -- to wait on God's timing -- to not be anxious in everything -- to like people when they've made decisions you don't agree with.  I won't say too much because I do respect that fact that others have boundaries I don't, but this life -- marriage, parenting, working -- is tough.  I promise you'll never waste a prayer on the Battles family.

2.  In writing workshop this week, we watched Sarah Kaye perform her poem "Point B."  My girls loved it.  I love it.  Quotes from the poem were showing up all over Facebook and Twitter and several of my kiddos said they shared the clip with their moms at home.

We watched, explicated, watched again, and then continued to watch the remainder of her TED talk as she discussed performance poetry and writing.  We followed Sarah's lead and created our own list of "Ten Things I Believe to Be True."  Words are powerful, people.  Tuesday's class period was devoted to sharing our lists and then choosing one belief to expand into a more developed piece.  Good stuff, y'all.  My kids can think.

3.  I read this blog post by Lysa TerKeurst.  It spoke to me!  It also validates my belief that good behavior is overrated.  ; )

4.  I'm going through Beth Moore's new study on James -- solo.  I simply can't go to the Monday night meetings at church even though I would love to, so I'm just working through it on my own.  I've finished week one and, while I'm learning quite a bit, I can't say it's really affecting me just yet.  I'm certain most of that is my attitude of late.  My struggle lately is finding myself caring about much outside of my own four walls.  I'm in a pit -- that's no lie.  It's hard work to climb out of those suckers!

5.  Gram was moved to the rehab floor and I'm hopeful this means she'll be regaining enough strength that she can eventually come home.  We had a situation the other night where she was prepped for her bath by her nurse and CNA, then left, naked, on the potty chair in the middle of her room -- alone -- for an hour and ten minutes.  She cried; she hollered; no one came.  She can't get up from sitting, and she couldn't reach her call button or her cell phone.  Finally, a male nurse happened to check in on her and he immediately brought help.  I'm still worked up about this one.  I hope this change of scenery brings her more than just physical improvement.  She's sick of being sick.  Prayers, please.

I hope your week is winding down nicely and you get to relax and enjoy yourself this weekend.  We don't have any plans.  The house always needs my attention and the laundry and I always like to catch up with each other on Saturdays. 

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