Kindergarten Registration!

April 18, 2012

Before Lilah even bounded out of bed this morning, we heard her holler from her room, "I'm up!"  The child was ready to go register for kindergarten.  Despite the fact that I was completely unprepared (had not picked up her folder in advance, no birth certificate, immunizations still needed) for this big event in my 5-year-old's life, we had a great time running into a few folks we know and touring the school. 

After filling out some paperwork, we got in line so Lilah could be measured and weighed.  Lucky us!  We know the weigh-er and the measur-er pretty well.  It's nice when your kiddo is greeted by hugs and smiles.

We ran into the assistant principal.  Lilah is going to have to work on calling her by her "school name." 

Our mascot, Scruffy, made an appearance at registration today.  That's always a fun photo op.

We rounded out the morning in the cafeteria with milk and cookies.  Poor girl had no clue how that little milk carton worked.

I'm just not a bit sad about this like I thought I might be.  She is more than ready to start school and I'm so excited to see her form friendships and learn how to read "better."  Lilah is going to have a difficult time waiting until mid-August!  

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