Spinach and Dates and Shaved Legs, Oh My!

April 25, 2012

This past weekend was our little town's annual Spinach Festival.  I try very hard to appreciate the festiveness of it all, but both times I've been since living here have been disappointing.  I'm not a big fan of paying inflated ticket prices for rides on deteriorating carnival equipment, but the girls had fun (here's proof) and I kept my complaining to a minimum.

This did warm my heart a little...  big sister wanting middle sister to ride with her. 

We learned that Lilah needs a little more excitement than "baby rides!"

Jamie's back was killing him all afternoon, so he spent most of our excursion to the Spinach Festival sitting in the car.  Poor guy.  It's better now, but I'm trying to talk him in to visiting a chiropractor.

We headed back home and I got dinner together.  Homemade pizza was on the menu.  I have a really good recipe for pizza crust.  This time it rose a lot, so thick crust pizza it was!

Parker Jane went on her first real date Saturday night.  She had been asked to prom (also Saturday night), but she's been influenced by my saying freshmen need to wait to go.  (I think there are a few exceptions, but, my goodness, wait until it's your turn!  Especially if you don't have a real date.)  Her sweet boyfriend is a junior, but he decided not to go.  Instead, he took PJB on a nice date -- dinner, movies, and Goody's.  Then, he headed to his buddy's house after bringing Parker home to after-prom with his friends.  

She didn't believe me when I said I was going to follow her out and take this picture. 
Their smiles show that they quickly recovered from the glimpses of near-mortifcation that crossed their faces when I said, "Let me get a picture!" 

I've never wished I had recorded something as much as I wish I'd gotten Lilah's explanation as to why she shaved her legs Saturday night.  Parker had teased her the day before about her hairy little legs.  Lilah had been in the tub for a while before I went in to wash her hair.  She smiled up at me and said in a very "I'm-pleased-with-myself" tone, "I shaved my leg."  I guess my expression was one of complete puzzlement because she went on to explain, "Like Parker said I should."  Oh, yes.  She did say that.  It never occured to Lilah that this might not be OK.  I just smiled and left the bathroom to tell Daddy what had happened and to have a good laugh.  Well, she had shaved the other leg by the time I got back to her.  And, "It didn't even hurt!"  Well, thank goodness!  We had a little discussion about how that was something you do when you're in middle school like Molly.  (Although Molly shaved hers early...)  She did a pretty good job, though.  It'll be interesting to see if the stubble bothers her when it grows back.

Sunday was pleasant; Monday was, too.  I have taken a leap of something -- not sure it's faith -- and applied to grad school.  I think I've decided I'd like to work on my master's in teaching, learning, and leadership which will meet the licensure requirements for a curriculum specialist.  Reading and writing are still my passion, but I'm also finding that as we've been taking steps toward implementing common core, I really enjoy seeking out new texts, projects, etc.  Who knows?  I may never work in that role a day in my life, but I think that combining my love for English with this degree could open new doors -- certainly in my classroom.  Earning my master's degree is also very important to me.  My mom did it with a young family and I didn't appreciate how much work that was at the time.  I'd love to follow in her footsteps and reach this goal, too. 

I've got much more going through my mind right now, but this is all for now! 

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