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May 05, 2012

This is a little test...  I downloade the Blogger app to my phone, so we'll just see how this works.

It's a very warm and sunny Saturday today.  The man and I got up somewhat early and hit a few yard sales. We haven't done that in years, but we sure had fun. He cleaned up, but I didn't find anything.  We spent $15 and brought home a box full of unopened baseball card packages from 1986 to 1994 (he'll just have a great time opening them all to see what's there), a Troy Aikman rookie card and a Derek Jeter minor leagues card, work pants that were brand new but a size too big (he's already passed them on to his friend Jeff), a sharpening stone in the box, a big maglite flashlight, 3 brand new tshirts, 2 books, and a pair of sandals that Lilah can wear to Becca's.  Not bad.

For some reason, I thought rearranging and deep cleaning our bedroom sounded like a good idea. I can live with it as is, but there's more to do.

Now, let's see if I can post a phone pc

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