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May 22, 2012

I've got a couple of weeks' worth of catch-up to play.  Wrapping up the school year, both at home and at work, does not lend itself to having much free time.  We've been busy, busy.  The good news is -- we're finished!  Well, the girls are.  I have the rest of today and tomorrow to give semester exams. 

So, let's start with May birthdays!  Anna and Parker both celebrate in May.  We had a fun dinner at Catfish Hole to honor them.  I think we've started a new tradition.  Last year, Gram treated us all to dinner there to celebrate the two birthdays, Mother's Day, and my parents 40th anniversary.  Mom wanted to do the same thing this year.  It was a great idea and I certainly thought about her quite a bit while we were there.

The girls donned birthday tiaras and we had "Amy" cake for dessert.  Doesn't Anna look good?  She's lost about 10 pounds so far in her pregnancy.  I never experienced that.  Next week is her big ultrasound and I can't wait to find out who's in there!

My loves...

Here's a random shot of my first snowcone of the summer.  Lemon lime! 

Friday evening we followed through on our decision to let PJB get her tattoo.  Right before we left the house, she decided to have me handwrite the word "faith" (lowercase F, please) rather than trying to have the font she like copied.  I really thought that was sweet.  Jamie picked us up and the three of us snuck away to the tattoo parlor!  It was a neat experience.  I know not everyone "gets" this, but I'm glad we were there with her. 

Getting the music turned up just in case it hurts...  (It didn't.)

No turning back!

The finished product

I made her pose for a picture yesterday morning on the way to school.  She's growing up so fast and I'm feeling like time is extra precious right now.  She is officially a sophomore and her days at home full-time are numbered.  I don't tell her often enough that I am very proud of her.  She is kind; she is smart; she is growing more responsible all the time.  I'm glad to be your mom, PJB!

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